Jan. 2nd, 2016

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Happy New Year! A new year brings in lots of new changes to the comm! Thank you to everyone who took the time to take part in the MI6 Café Survey – we have taken onboard all of your comments and will be releasing information about new comm events over the coming months! In the meanwhile, here is the monthly chat!

Anon commenting is on so you don’t need an account to join in the fun! If you are using anon comments, if you could put your name/handle in the subject line/body of the comments that would be fab (just so everyone knows who they are talking to!)

Weekly Recs

We’ve had many weekly recs over the past 6 months, so whilst we’re getting together the new reccing system, here are the weekly recs from the past 6 months! In the meantime, feel free to rec whatever you like this month!

MI6 Café Book + Film Club

Our next book for book club is From Russia, With Love, which you can find resources for in the links on the sidebar. The next Book Club to discuss this book will be held on the 16th of January, with the Book Club for the second half of the book held on the 30th.

Potential trigger warnings for From Russia, With Love include:
- violence
- racism (specifically against Romani people, the g*psy slur is used multiple times)

In film club will be watching You Only Live Twice on the 9th of January, and On Her Majesty's Secret Service on the 23rd. Please see the schedules for more information on times!

This month’s questions
1: For those who are familiar with the earlier Bond films, what’s one of the things that you enjoy most about Craig!canon as compared to classic Bond? Is there anything you miss from the Connery-to-Brosnan era?
2: What are your favorite headcanons about Q Branch?
3: Why DOES Bond destroy all his tech?
4: MI6 Squad guilty pleasures: What’s something that our favorite MI6 Squad members enjoy doing but wouldn’t want to tell anyone about? This could be a group secret (video game night?) or each individual’s down-low hobby.


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