Feb. 1st, 2016

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Is it February already? The first month of the year has flown by, and here at Mi6 Café we’ve been busy hosting movie livestreams and book clubs, as well as introducing the new monthly challenges! On top of all of that, we have our shiny new Last Drabble Writer Standing challenge that is going to go live during February – keep an eye out on the Comm LJ and Tumblr as we will be posting announcements on both so you don’t miss them!

Anon commenting is on so you don’t need an account to join in the fun! If you are using anon comments, if you could put your name/handle in the subject line/body of the comments that would be fab (just so everyone knows who they are talking to!)

Weekly Recs

We’re debuting a new rec system, the fanwork rec form! It’s an easy to fill in form that allows you to rec your favourite fanworks for our monthly rec theme! We will then post the results of your recs with the next monthly chat post for everyone to view and enjoy!

This month, our theme is Post-Spectre Fanworks! With the release of Spectre on DVD this month in many of the countries across the world, this month we want to celebrate those Post-Spectre Fanworks! Any paring, any rating, any genre! Go wild and show some love for those works that have kick-started the fandom following the release of Spectre!

Note: As the rec form is new, if you have any trouble reccing your fanworks please don't hesitate to get in contact with any of the mods!

MI6 Café Book + Film Club

Our next book for book club is Dr No, which you can find resources for in the links on the sidebar. The first Book Club to discuss this book will be held on 13 February!

In film club will be watching Diamonds are Forever on 6 February. Please see the schedules for more information on times!

This Month’s questions

Don’t forget that these questions are also released on tumblr as our Weekly Questions! That means twice the discussion! Feel free to use these questions as conversation starters and get to know your fellow Bond Fans!

1.       What are some of your favorite aspects of Bond fanon? Are there any aspects that (respectfully!) you don’t engage in yourself, or prefer not to read?
2.       If they were married for 5 years, what would Q and Bond give each other on their anniversary?
3.       How does Spectre change 00Q as a pairing for you? If you create fanworks, are you rolling around happily in the new content, are you in full Fix-It mode coupled with a healthy dose of "THAT WAS A STUPID-ASS DECISION AND I'M ELECTING TO IGNORE IT", are you struggling to incorporate the new versions of the characters with the ones you already had in your head...? How has Spectre impacted your 00Q shipping?
4.       What does Tanner do all day and what is his greatest accomplishment that we don't know about?


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