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How is it June already? A new month means new Monthly Recs, new challenges, and even more Book Clubs and Film Clubs to get involved in!

Monthly Recs
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Last month we asked you for your favourite fan arts and fan edits. Thank you to all who nominated their favourite fan arts and edits, go have a look at the final recs list here!!

This month our rec theme is Romance. This month we want to see your favourite fanworks which are all about romance, whether it’s first dates, date night, PWP, and anything inbetween!! Send in your submissions using our rec form here!
MI6 Café Book Club and Film Club!
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Our next book club will be for The Spy Who Loved Me which will be held on 11th and 15th June.

Potential trigger warnings for this book include:

-          Abortion
-          Rape
-          Violence/Murder
-          Physical Assault

In film club will be watching The Living Daylights on 4th June, and Licence to Kill on 18th June. Please see the schedules for more information on times!

Monthly Challenge

This month’s challenge is Try something new!

If usually write fluff, try to venture into angst; if you usually write 00Q, try a different pairing--anything that adds some variety to your writing and gets you venturing a little bit out of your fanwork comfort zone.

Don’t forget to tag your challenge responses with #mi6cafechallenge!

This Month’s Questions

Don’t forget that these questions are also released on tumblr as our Weekly Questions! That means twice the discussion! Feel free to use these questions as conversation starters and get to know your fellow Bond Fans!

1.     Who is your favourite Bond lady and why?
2.     Do you like cis swapped characters? What are your headcanons for cis-fem!Bond and cis-fem!Q?
3.     What kind of fan works do you enjoy in the Bond fandom? Why is this? Do you enjoy certain fanworks or tropes in Bond fandom that you don’t in other fandoms?


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