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Name:A place to hang out and talk all things Bond
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The MI6 Cafe would like to be a place where 00Q shippers can come together to enjoy the stories and characters that we all know and love. Equally, we welcome more general Bond fans who want to watch livestreams of Bond movies and even read the original Fleming novels. Essentially if you want to come party about anything Bond then come party away!

As this comm is also a place to make friends within the fandom, there will also be various chat posts every week for everyone to get together and chat about whatever they want (provided they follow the rules).

1) Play nice. We all want to have fun, and we’re here to have fun. Everyone is friendly to one another, and if you want to cause unnecessary drama then this isn’t the place for it.
2) Tag appropriately, whatever the medium. If you think you’re talking about a topic that needs a warning, then warn about it. If your creation includes explicit material, then flag it up. It’s just to be polite so people can avoid what they don’t like, and people can find what they do like.
3) If you’re not sure about something, then contact the mod. I’m really nice, promise!


Fan works (fic, art, vids etc)

Yes please! If it fits the community title, then feel free to share! (Sharing is caring after all!)
If you are posting any kind of fic/art/vids to the community, please be considerate of your fellow members and use a header. As long as there is a rating and suitable warnings then that’s the most important thing!

An example header:


Found a fic you’ve loved? Want to share some of your favourite fanart in the fandom?
If you want to rec a fic/art/vid then please feel free to go ahead! Like with those posting fanworks, please include appropriate warnings/ratings for the content!

Discussion Posts
There will be a weekly chat thread for everyone to bundle in and talk to each other! (Day to be determined)
You can go as off topic as you like in these posts as long as you play by Rule No 1 (Play Nice).

Book club and Movie Club
We also have monthly book and movie clubs!

In the MI6 Cafe Book Club, you have the opportunity to read the book of the month, and then discuss with your fellow fans what you thought of it? What parts did you like? What parts didn't you like? What parts have sparked off a new creative idea?

In the MI6 Cafe Movie Club, we stream one of the many Bond movies, from the original Sean Connery's up to the most recent Craig films! Come and watch along, join in the chat, and enjoy all things Bond!
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