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Another month has passed, and now we’ve entered the fifth month of the year! Here at MI6 Café we have another busy month ahead, with more Book Clubs and Film Clubs, a new monthly challenge and much more!

Monthly Recs!

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Last month we asked you for your favourite meta recs. Thank you to all who nominated their favourite metas, go have a look at the final recs list here!!

This month our rec theme is fan-arts and fan-edits. This month we want to see your favourite fan art and edits within the fandom! Send in your submissions using our rec form here!

MI6 Café Book Club and Film Club!
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Our next book club will be for Thunderball which will be held on 14th and 26th May.

Potential trigger warnings for this book include:

  • Canon violence and gore (including attack by sharks)

  • Implied rape

  • alcohol/drugs/smoking referred to

In film club will be watching Octopussy on 7th May, and A View to a Kill on 21st May. Please see the schedules for more information on times!

Monthly Challenge

This month’s challenge is Share the Love Challenge.

Everyone loves fandom, and everyone loves participating in fandom! Whether you’re a writer, artist, creator, reader, we all have a reason why fandom is awesome! So share the love, share some wonderful experiences that fandom has given you, and share why you love being part of this fandom!

As part of our Share the Love challenge, participate in Gift Day (Held between 22-29 May): "Make something--anything! it could be a drabble or a sketch or a rec or a thank-you note--for someone in the fandom who has made a positive impact on you, whether they're a fanworks creator, a beta, a cheerleader, or even someone who RP'd with you once after you had a really bad day."
Don’t forget to tag your challenge responses with #mi6cafechallenge!

This Month’s Questions
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Don’t forget that these questions are also released on tumblr as our Weekly Questions! That means twice the discussion! Feel free to use these questions as conversation starters and get to know your fellow Bond Fans!

1.       Fanwork creators: How do you expand and elaborate on a character while still keeping them within the framework of the film? What’s that process like for you?
2.       As a fan, what made you start shipping 00Q? If you’ve been shipping it for a while, what about it has caught your attention and given this fandom longevity for you?
3.       How does Mi6 celebrate birthdays? Is it the requisite office cake? Do the 00 division pull pranks? Does Q branch allow the birthday person to play with some higher grade explosives?
4.       What kinds of music do Bond and Q enjoy?
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Is it February already? The first month of the year has flown by, and here at Mi6 Café we’ve been busy hosting movie livestreams and book clubs, as well as introducing the new monthly challenges! On top of all of that, we have our shiny new Last Drabble Writer Standing challenge that is going to go live during February – keep an eye out on the Comm LJ and Tumblr as we will be posting announcements on both so you don’t miss them!

Anon commenting is on so you don’t need an account to join in the fun! If you are using anon comments, if you could put your name/handle in the subject line/body of the comments that would be fab (just so everyone knows who they are talking to!)

Weekly Recs

We’re debuting a new rec system, the fanwork rec form! It’s an easy to fill in form that allows you to rec your favourite fanworks for our monthly rec theme! We will then post the results of your recs with the next monthly chat post for everyone to view and enjoy!

This month, our theme is Post-Spectre Fanworks! With the release of Spectre on DVD this month in many of the countries across the world, this month we want to celebrate those Post-Spectre Fanworks! Any paring, any rating, any genre! Go wild and show some love for those works that have kick-started the fandom following the release of Spectre!

Note: As the rec form is new, if you have any trouble reccing your fanworks please don't hesitate to get in contact with any of the mods!

MI6 Café Book + Film Club

Our next book for book club is Dr No, which you can find resources for in the links on the sidebar. The first Book Club to discuss this book will be held on 13 February!

In film club will be watching Diamonds are Forever on 6 February. Please see the schedules for more information on times!

This Month’s questions

Don’t forget that these questions are also released on tumblr as our Weekly Questions! That means twice the discussion! Feel free to use these questions as conversation starters and get to know your fellow Bond Fans!

1.       What are some of your favorite aspects of Bond fanon? Are there any aspects that (respectfully!) you don’t engage in yourself, or prefer not to read?
2.       If they were married for 5 years, what would Q and Bond give each other on their anniversary?
3.       How does Spectre change 00Q as a pairing for you? If you create fanworks, are you rolling around happily in the new content, are you in full Fix-It mode coupled with a healthy dose of "THAT WAS A STUPID-ASS DECISION AND I'M ELECTING TO IGNORE IT", are you struggling to incorporate the new versions of the characters with the ones you already had in your head...? How has Spectre impacted your 00Q shipping?
4.       What does Tanner do all day and what is his greatest accomplishment that we don't know about?
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Hello lovely members!

You might have noticed that there hasn't been a Weekly Chat posted this friday. That is because, behind the scenes, we're busy trying to organise what features you'll be seeing from the comm over the next year!

There is going to be a survey, which will be cross posted to here and the tumblr, that will allow you to tell us what you want from the comm. What works for you, what you think could be done better, and any other views!

In the meantime, keep on writing, arting, and enjoying all things James Bond!

Your MI6 Cafe Mods
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Team Fest 2016
Participants will be put into teams (Team Bond, Team Q, Team Villain, Team MI6) and by taking part in the fest you earn points for your team! The team with the most points at the end of the month’s fest will be announced the winner! (Not sure quite what the prize will be yet, most likely moral victory and a banner you can proudly display on whatever social media you so choose).

Tentative Timelines
Sign ups – January 2016
Team Allocation - February 2016
Fest – March 2016

Points System
As the 00q fandom is a very friendly fandom, points will be self-policed. We’re not going to check how many comments you’ve really posted or check your wordcounts/number of hours you’ve spent making content because we’re all adults here and we know how to play nice.
To assist this, there will be Team Leaders (you will be able to note your interest if you want to be a team leader on the sign up form) who will be responsible for collecting their team’s points (ie manage a google spreadsheet with numbers) and will then forward those points to your friendly mod (me) to update the points at the end of the week.
More info about how many points per comment/word/hour will be included in the main fest info that will appear around December.

Weekly Chat Changes
The Weekly Chat will now be open over the entire week instead of just at the weekend to allow everyone to come and pop in to join in the chatting. To reflect this, there will be longer questions/challenges/prompts to keep the conversation going over the week.

Book Club/Movie Club
Yay Books! Yay Movies! As we all know James Bond covers a variety of genres so we’re going to host a book fest for all things book-ish and James Bond. It will be a place to come and chat about the Bond Books and get some really good discussions going about them.
As I am only one person with so much time, I would ask if someone would like to volunteer to organise/run the Book/movie club! Either post a comment on this post or send me a message to the Café Mod account saying you’d like to do it.

Spectre Fest
It would be awesome to do something in the run up to Spectre’s release, so the Café is going to have a bingo card for prompts, and release a new bingo prompt each week for everyone to create lots of 00Q creations for!
Spectre is going to be released on the 6th November (that’s about 19 weeks away) so there will be 20 juicy prompts to get your creative teeth into! Prompts will be released on the same day the Weekly Chat is posted (Friday).

As always, if you want to put an idea for the comm or have an idea that you want to help out with/organise (even if it's not written here) then please leave a comment/send me a message! The comm is designed to be open and inclusive and that extends to any ideas people have about what they want to see from the comm!!
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Its that time of the week all you lovely people! That's right it's time for the weekend chat!

This post will open all weekend for all your chat needs! Come and get to know one another, share your love of James Bond, fast cars, or whatever takes your fancy.

Please note Rule No1 (Play Nice) is applicable.

Don't forget to post your weekly recs in the weekly rec thread! And if you're a creator of fanworks then please feel free to post links to the comm! If we can get some more interest in the comm then the weekly chat shall become much more vibrant (and your mod might even think of throwing a challenge or two to keep things interesting!)

Your mod will be around over the weekend to serve the tea, keep the biscuits coming, and go source some alcohol from the secret stash in James' locker.


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Hello! Welcome to MI6 Café and the first ever post! To break the ice, please feel free to use the format below to introduce yourself! Or you can just start a discussion about how the size of Q’s tea cabinet or question if James is proficient at scrabble etc.

Normal place of residence on the internet (tumblr/LJ/A03):
Why you got into 00Q:
Favourite 00Q Headcanon:
Favourite work in the fandom:
(For those who make fanworks) Favourite work you’ve created:
Random fact about you:
Optional GIF:


A little bit on me + this comm:

I’m your mod, Cass! I made this comm as a place for everyone to come chat and relax, it’ll be awesome to have a social vibe going along! It’s also a place to post links to your fanworks, and once the comm finds its feet maybe mini fests and cheerleading for anyone participating in the larger fandom events (exchanges/big bangs etc).

This comm is still in its early stages, so please be patient with me! I haven’t used LJ for over two years so I’m still trying to get the hang of things. If anyone wants to help with this community in any way please feel free to shoot me a message, the more the merrier!!

Outside of helping to mod this comm, I really would appreciate some help with:
-           how to add a header to a LJ format and where to find good LJ profile code. If you know where to find this help, please point me in the right direction.
-          if anyone is graphically inclined and wants to make a community header and/or icon for everyone to enjoy then go right ahead. Shoot me a message if you’re interested and you’ll have my undying love and probably an offer of a fic to say thank you!

Anyway, that’s all the business. Hope you enjoy this comm, and WELCOME EVERYONE!


Please note – the first weekly ‘General Discussion’ Post for all your general chit chat and getting to know each other needs will be This Saturday (25/4/2015).


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