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Monthly Post - March 2016

Welcome to March fellow MI6 Café members! We hope you’ve had a great start to 2016, and with the monthly challenges and the start of the LDWS challenge we’ve seen some really great work produced in the fandom!  But don’t  forget that even if you’re not into creating, you can still take part in our livestreams and our book clubs!

Anon commenting is on so you don’t need an LJ account to join in the fun on this post! Please note, if you are using anon commenting , could you put your name/handle into the subject line/body of the comment so that everyone knows who they are talking to!

Weekly Recs

Don’t forget that we’re now using a new fic rec form through which you can submit your recs!

Last Month we were looking for all of your post-spectre fanworks! We've received many wonderful recs, so go check them out here!

This month we’re looking for those fanworks with under 200 kudos/notes. We want those fanworks that maybe are less well known in the fandom but still pack a punch. Send in your recs on our rec form and we’ll post your recs in April’s Monthly Post!!

MI6 Café Book + Film Club

Our next book for book club will be Goldfinger! The book clubs will be held on 12th and 26th March! Please check the schedules in the sidebar!

Potential trigger warnings for Goldfinger include:
-          Various slurs
-          Drug usage
-          discussion of past rape/incest
-          Violence
-          Torture
-          Sexism

In film club will be watching The Man with the Golden Gun on 5 March 2016, and The Spy Who Loved Me on 19 March 2016. Please see the schedules for more information on times!

This Month’s questions

Don’t forget that these questions are also released on tumblr as our Weekly Questions! That means twice the discussion! Feel free to use these questions as conversation starters and get to know your fellow Bond Fans!

1.       What are some of your favorite aspects of Bond canon that you think don't get enough appreciation? This could be anything from underrated scenes, certain characters, certain books/movies...whatever you love that needs more love!

2.       What kinds of meta and resources have you found informative and helpful? From what kind of gun that Russian assassin should be wielding to which Nando’s is closest to MI6 to what Bond’s canonical favorite food is, fanworkers often have questions that need answers. If you’ve found some great sources of helpful info, share them around!

3.       What are your headcanons about Eve and her job? What is her greatest accomplishment that we don’t know about?

4.       If you could change any one thing in the Bond franchise, what would it be?

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