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Monthly Post - April 2016

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Is it April already? It’s been a busy month at the MI6 Café, the Last Drabble Writer Standing Challenge has now completed, and a massive congratulations to our top three:

1. astudyinfic​
2. Corpus invictus
3. beaubete​

Don’t forget even if you’re not into creating, you can still take part in our live streams and book clubs, see below for more information!

Anon commenting is on so you don’t need an LJ account to join in the fun on this post! Please note, if you are using anon commenting , could you put your name/handle into the subject line/body of the comment so that everyone knows who they are talking to!

Monthly Recs

We received some fab recs over March for the theme “under 200 kudos/notes”. You can view the rec list here.
This month we’re looking for meta recs! We want to see those metas that people have written about our favourite characters, reasons behind things we have seen or read but haven’t necessarily been explained. We want those metas that go into detail about the lighting or scenery or about certain turns of phrase!

Submit your meta recs to our fic rec form here and they will be released with the next monthly post!

MI6 Café Book + Film Club

Our next book for book club will be For Your Eyes Only, which is a short story collection! The book clubs will be held on 16th (for From a View to a Kill, For Your Eyes Only and Quantum of Solace) and 30th (for Risico and The Hildebrand Rarity) of April!

In film club will be watching Moonraker on the 2nd of April, and For Your Eyes Only on 16th of April. Please see the schedules for more information on times!

This Month’s questions

Don’t forget that these questions are also released on tumblr as our Weekly Questions! That means twice the discussion! Feel free to use these questions as conversation starters and get to know your fellow Bond Fans!

1. People who ship non-canon ships, how do you make sure not to infringe on canon love interests when you're writing fics/working on headcanons?"

2. What game does each member of the MI6 Squad play on their phone? (Is Bond an old-school ‘snake’ player? Does Q play Scrabble?)

3. What is one scene from the franchise that you would say is the most pivotal to the 00Q relationship?

4. What does Q get up to that we don’t really get to see in the movies? What’s his biggest non-Bond-related accomplishment?