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Book Club - Thunderball

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Welcome to book club! Get your drinks, snacks, and any notes you have, and gather around for the discussion on chapters 1-11 of Thunderball! (If you're here and you're not sure where to find the book, check the resources post in the sidebar on the right!)

Book club is designed to be a place where you can go beyond the Bond movies and delve into another medium with our favorite secret agent. We have questions to help get things started, but there are no set discussions. If you have anything interesting that you want to discuss about your reading experience, comments on the text, or thoughts about how reading the book might have changed your view on the characters in the movies, then do share!

Some questions to get us started:

  1. How much were you laughing about Bond and the health clinic?

  2. What did you think about Nurse Patricia Fearing?  

  3. This is our first glimpse of--dundundun!--Blofeld and SPECTRE. Do you miss SMERSCH? What do you think of this first appearance of the man and the organization that have been so important to the plot of our latest Bond movie and a bunch of the early ones as well?

  4. We also meet Domino! Thoughts?

  5. What else was memorable for you during the first half of the book? 

Remember, no spoilers for the second half of the book! Happy discussing!


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1) SO MUCH. Bond was such a drama llama about everything. "What machine is this? If you kill me, I'll sue!" and "Oh god. I'm healthy. What am I becoming? Am I still the same man?!" I loved it.

2) Ugh, I hate that Bond's sexual harassment of Fearing basically got played for laughs/somehow justified because Bond ended up having sex with her. Typical sexist Fleming bullshit. But she seemed like an awesome nurse! I liked her.

3) I like this new villainous organization! SMERSCH's apex probably came in From Russia With Love for me, and I was ready for something new. Blofeld's introduction--the way everything was so coolly mechanical, and at the same time there was such passionate belief in him--really persuaded me that he was a villain to watch. More than the films have, I'm afraid! I'm intrigued to see how Fleming develops his character over the second half of the book (and the next books??).

4) Domino's trick with the taxi! So rude, but Bond was being an arrogant so-and-so, so I kinda just wanted to high-five her, especially after Bond's gross internal monologue about wanting to break her in and mount her like a wild horse. I like her independence and conversational bluntness, and I hope the second half of the book gives her a good arc.

5) Moneypenny teasing Bond over the health clinic! Yes! And finding out that M goes through fitness fads. :D Bond sulking about having a plain-looking secretary like a git. Bond loading his tea with brown sugar and obsessing over spaghetti bolognese with lots of garlic. The Scottish housekeeper/cook being like "you need to eat REAL FOOD" hahaha.
What wasn't memorable? All the stuff with the ship and the bombs. I liked the Italian pilot's POV, but Number 1's just about put me to sleep, unfortunately. But hopefully all that set-up will have a great payoff in part two!