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Book Club - On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Welcome to book club! Get your drinks, snacks, and any notes you have, and gather around for the discussion of the first eleven chapters of On Her Majesty's Secret Service !

(If you're here and you're not sure where to find the book, check the resources post in the sidebar on the right!)

Book club is designed to be a place where you can go beyond the Bond movies and delve into another medium with our favorite secret agent. We have questions to help get things started, but there are no set discussions. If you have anything interesting that you want to discuss about your reading experience, comments on the text, or thoughts about how reading the book might have changed your view on the characters in the movies, then do share!

Reminder: Trigger warnings for the book include rape, violence/murder, physical assault, death of a child (mention), and brainwashing.

Some questions to get us started:

  1. What do you think about Tracy as a character, and as the love interest of a Bond novel?

  2. How do you feel about the plot of the book so far?

  3. What was memorable about this half of the book for you?

The whole book discussion is later this month; please no spoilers for the end of the book yet. Happy discussing!


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1) Tracy outdriving Bond: what a cool entrance!

I feel so sorry for Tracy being suicidal and having such a hard time of it, and glad that she’s getting help at a clinic. I’m interested in why Fleming chose to make Teresa “a girl with a wing, perhaps two wings, down.” A way to make Bond her savior at more than the gambling table?

I’m looking forward to finding more about Tracy from Tracy herself, instead of her dad, and seeing how Bond and Tracy’s relationship develops! (The movie gave us a courtship montage. Will Fleming do the same?)

Her dad’s proposal to fix her by marrying her off to Bond was like–side-eye to the extreme. At least Bond said no! (Lol, a very panicked, desperately polite ‘Hell no’ in fact.) There’s some healing cock undertones, what with Bond having sex with her and then feeling like “the cure” had started, but it’s sweet that Bond is keeping in touch with her through the mail–at least he hasn’t just dropped her, which would’ve been easy to do.

2) It’s been a bit slow-going? I mean, the principle action has involved Bond and Tracy being kidnapped by someone who turned out to be Tracy’s badass Corsican crime lord father (ILU, Marc-Ange Draco!), and Bond learning about heraldry and getting introduced to everyone at Blofeld’s clinic. Now Bond has infiltrated Blofeld’s lair, though, so hopefully things will start to pick up!

3) Bond’s snarky unsent resignation letter to M is HILARIOUS.

But also: SABLE BASILISK. Bond goes to find a heraldry expert, expects to meet an old fogy, and instead gets this:

"A young man, a few years younger than Bond, got up and came across the room to meet him. He was rapier-slim, with a fine, thin, studious face that was saved from seriousness by wry lines at the edges of the mouth and an ironical glint in the level eyes."

He’s such a Whishaw!Q-type character. (He even gets an insightful monologue!) I love it and need a 00Q AU asap.