Jan. 16th, 2016

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Welcome to book club! Get your drinks, snacks, and any notes you have, and gather around for the discussion on the first half of From Russia, With Love! (If you're here and you're not sure where to find the book, check the resources post in the sidebar on the right!)

Book club is designed to be a place where you can go beyond the Bond movies and delve into another medium with our favorite secret agent. We have questions to help get things started, but there are no set discussions. If you have anything interesting that you want to discuss about your reading experience, comments on the text, or how reading the book might have changed your view on the characters in the movies, then do share!

Questions to get us started:
1) What did you think about Fleming's decision to start the book with ten chapters from the POV of various antagonists?
2) What are your feelings about these villains that Fleming shows us in so much detail? From Red Grant to Rosa Klebb to the Russian generals to the manufactured love interest Tatiana Romanova, Bond seems to have a formidable group of people arrayed against him!
3) What other things stood out to you in the first half of the book?

Remember, we're only talking about chapters 1-13 on this post, so be careful of potential spoilers. The whole-book discussion comes at the end of the month. Happy reading! 


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